Dahlia Sales


Outside the used dahlias for the own Flower Parade the First Sunday in September,  foundation “Bloemencommissie Zundert” has every year about 20 million flowers for sale. Zundert is Europe’s biggest dahlia producer.

The dahlias will be delivered to places in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Hungary,  Austria and  France, which also have Flower Parades, Flower mosaics, Wine Festivals, Rose Festivals, Celebrations or other events.

Selling price

The flowers will be sold for a price per piece, which will be established every year and which is applicable during the whole deliver season. Only during the first week of  September price depends of availability.


Offered prices are ex transport, if the customer has no transport  possibilities “Bloemencommissie Zundert” can offer and organise transport. For  distances above  250 kilometres we advise to use refrigerator trucks.


Most deliveries the flowers will be packed in returnable “Zundert” plastic boxes. The customers have to return within 10 days  the boxes on their account. There will be no charge of rent. Boxes not returned or damaged will be invoiced. If it’s to expensive to return the boxes non-returnable packaging can be an option, cost are available on request.

Load and discharge

Boxes will be loaded on pallets (1.00 x 120 cm.). Pallets will be loaded  and unloaded by lift trucks.


If you are interested to buy Zundertse dahlias, please contact John Peeters.

He would be pleased to discuss the possibilities of Zundertse Dahlias. Of course you are very welcome to visit the dahlia fields in Zundert.