Every year, the first Sunday of  September, the biggest Dahlia Flower Parade of Europe takes place in Zundert. Twenty floats, relieved by bands of musicians, guarantee the spectators a wonderful procession . The floats are built by 20 hamlets.

To decorate the floats in the right colours, there will be a need of about 8 million of dahlia flowers, most of them grown by the 20 hamlets, which have their own fields, altogether about 33 hectares with 600.000 dahlia plants in 50 different colours and varieties.

This fields deliver about 6 million flowers. Shortages will these completed by other “Flower Parade” places and a few professional growers.

The dahlia plant displays flowers from the end of July until the beginning of October, the biggest harvest will be during the second part of August and the first weeks of September. The matured flowers will be harvested every week for deliveries to costumers or if they are not sold they although will be harvested and destroyed. So every week there will be fresh flowers of excellent quality.

The various proceedings on the fields are done by volunteers of the 20 hamlets. During the harvesting they have the help of a lot of students and housewives.

During the harvest period “BloemenCommissie Zundert” takes care for selling the flowers all over Europe and for buying the shortages for the Zundert Flower parade in the first September week.

The daily government is responsible for the execution of the mentioned tasks. The prudence and supervision will also be provided by the general government, in which every hamlet is represented.