Terms of delivery

Terms of delivery Stichting Bloemencommissie Zundert (from here on called SBCZ)

  1.  Final orders should be placed at least 7 days before delivery date. Only orders received via email will be processed.
  2. Cost free cancelation of orders can be done only in writing up to 5 days before the picking of the ordered flowers. Orders of flowers, transportation and other goods and services cancelled at a later date, will have to be paid in full by the customer.
  3. All orders will be accepted provided that there are sufficient flowers available on the delivery date.
  4. It is possible that an order is (partially) modified before delivery by SBCZ because of a lack of (sufficient) flowers. An attempt will be made to look for replacement within the colour ranges the customer requested. For this the following colour ranges have been established: white, yellow, orange, pink, purple and black. If the client wishes to be informed regarding this, a request has to be made at the commissioning.
  5. All prices are VAT excluded (low VAT rate for flowers, high VAT rate for costs of transportation, (non-returnable) packaging and other goods (e.g. nails, colour-spray etc.))
  6. It is also possible to choose durable packaging (grey plastic crate), ownership of which will remain SBCZ’s. When this option is chosen, the crates have to be returned within 5 days after delivery at the expense and responsibility of the client. In case the crates are not (entirely) returned, an amount of € 7,50 (VAT excl.) per missing or damaged piece will be charged.
  7. Either the customer or SBCZ can arrange the transportation of the flowers.
  8. Because of possible loss of quality SBCZ advises to always use refrigerated transportation, which SBCZ can also arrange. After consultation SBCZ will gladly make you an offer free of obligations.
  9. The customer had accepted the goods when
    • (in case transportation is arranged by the client) the flowers are accepted at the deliverylocation of SBCZ (thus SBCZ recommends to have a representative of the customer present when the flowers are loaded).
    • (in case transportation is arranged by the SBCZ) the flowers are delivered at the location agreed with the customer. Complaints should be reported in writing within 24 hours after delivery, accompanied by argumentation of the rejection and pictures of the reason for the complaint.
  10. After the customer has accepted the flowers, SBCZ will not take into consideration any complaints regarding the quality of the delivered goods.
  11. Transports are supplied with a shipping document for flowers, boxes and other materials.
  12. The mentioned times of loading and unloading are approximate. No rights can be derived from the specified times.
  13. Foreign customers who have a VAT number, will not be charged any VAT. Clients who don’t have a VAT number, will be charged Dutch VAT.
  14. To avoid payment risk SBCZ may claim a downpayment for an order. No sooner than after receiving the amount concerned, the order will be formalised.
  15. Invoices for the exact number and kinds of flowers will be send to the customer within 15 days after delivery. In case a downpayment has been paid, this amount will be subtracted from the final invoice.
  16. Payments have to be done strictly within 14 days after the date of invoice.
  17. When the payment is late, the client will be charged with 6% interest (annualised). The interest will be charged starting 30 days after date of invoice.
  18. Any liability other than accepted quality complaints will not be taken into consideration by SBCZ.
  19. Indirect damage as well as consequential loss are specifically excluded.
  20. SBCZ will not take responsibility for any possible mistakes or (accountable) shortcomings of third parties. Liability of third parties will always be limited to the liability clause of these general terms.
  21. The customer will safeguard SBCZ from all claims of third parties which can be in any way related to the by SBCZ supplied goods or non supplied goods as mentioned in these terms under paragraph 3.

Final Term

  1. These general terms have been composed under Dutch legislation. All legal bounds between client and SBCZ will be mastered exclusively by Dutch jurisprudence.


Zundert,  March 2024